We creates links and synergies between professionals and enthusiasts from the field of communication, marketing and events development.


We are looking for people who have our same DNA, who love to participate, listen and share a path of success and constant growth.

Creative people, able to apply lateral thinking in order to identify original solutions.

There is room for these people at Un/Lab: to grow, train and give opportunities to their ideas.

People open to ideas and challenges.

People with whom to establish new relationships, to dialogue on the same level and share the same vision, the same philosophy.
Before skills and know-how, the desire to grow, question oneself, train oneself, know how to listen, know how to compare and have an extra perspective is important.

These are the prerogatives to become part of Un/Lab

Aware that you cannot “produce excellence” if you do not live in an excellent work environment, we have created safe, comfortable, bright and welcoming spaces.
We provide a series of services, in line with the needs that have emerged over time, to improve the lifestyle, creating a direct contact that goes beyond the simple professional workstation.


Copywriter 100%
Social Media Manager 100%
Motion graphic designer 100%
Graphic designer 100%
Videomaker 100%
E-Commerce Manager 100%
Sound designer 100%
Sales Manager 100%
Web designer 100%
Digital Account 100%

We create networks and opportunities to grow together by exploring new forms of partnership in order to give substance to the work of the future.

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    Un/Lab is a demanding, dynamic community made up of people

    In Un / Lab we talk about “people design”, because joining our community means starting a path of growth made up of training, development and free expression of good ideas, in order to enhance the potential of individuals and build the conditions required for the development of shared projects.

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    Startup 0
    Entrepreneurs 0
    Archi’s Comunicazione is a Communication and Event Organization agency, which is carrying out marketing, communication, adv and events activities from over 25 years.

    Thanks to its high level of specialization, Archi’s Comunicazione designs and develops solutions in the graphic and editorial field and builds integrated communication solutions in the on and offline world.

    I love Taboo is a clothing brand born from the union of pop culture and graphic art.

    Promoter of a unique street style declined across multiple collections, from t-shirts to footwear. From over ten years, Taboo is producing its collections directly, keeping an eye on the experimentation that involves multiple creative professions.

    Becoming X is a collective of artists, draftsmen, cartoonists, designers, artisan printers and musicians.

    The project of the Collective is to combine, in live performance, visual art and musical sound, using all its own disciplines: muralism, painting, drawing on paper and digital drawing, live animations, screen printing and intaglio printing, on all available and conceivable supports. Becoming X has participated as a guest and has organized events in different locations: in cinemas, rock festivals and cultural festivals.

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